No matter the size of your business or the industry you are in, securing your building should be a top priority. In 2020 alone there were over 9,944 burglaries in Dallas. If you do not want to be victimized by an opportunistic criminal, ensure your building is as secure as possible. Check out these 5 ways to improve your building security in Dallas, TX.

5 Ways to Improve Building Security in Dallas, TX

Install Digital Surveillance

Even if your building already has CCTV, upgrading to digital surveillance systems is a no-brainer. Digital surveillance captures footage at a much higher quality than older CCTV systems. Not only will signs signifying you have cameras on-site deter would-be trespassers, but they also collect evidence should a crime take place. Consider upgrading your building security with a digital surveillance system. Remember to periodically check your cameras to make sure they are still working and recording properly.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Believe it or not, your landscaping has a direct impact on your building’s security. If someone sees that you neglect your landscaping, they may also assume that you neglect your security as well. Also, the more overgrowth you have, the more hiding places there are for trespassers or burglars. Always keep your landscaping as clean and orderly as possible.

Upgrade your Building Security with Territorial Reinforcement

Fences, walls, and other forms of territorial reinforcement are a great way to define boundaries. They also give criminals another barrier to get through and may cause them to reconsider their actions. If you own a business that frequently has customers on the premises, be sure there are signs clearly marking where customers can and cannot go.

Secure Parking Lots and Garages

Parking garages can be incredibly dangerous during low-traffic times of the day. Make sure your garage has adequate lighting and coverage by your digital security system. It is also a good idea to install a license plate camera on the garage’s entrances and exits. While not quite as dangerous as garages, parking lots are also a tempting sight for criminals. Make sure that your parking lot has proper surveillance and lighting. It is also smart to include a sign notifying any would-be perpetrators that your parking areas are monitored.

High-Security Keys for Entry

High-Security keys such as electronic keycards are a great way to ensure duplicate keys will not fall into the wrong hands. Most of the time, only the building administrator can order new or replacement keys. Electronic locks are also nearly impossible to pick. Making them way more effective than a classic lock and key. High-end systems also allow you to deactivate specific keys in case an employee loses their card, or a former employee does not return their key.

If you need a new, secure office space for your building, contact the commercial construction team at Michael Walker Construction. In addition to aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, building security is a top priority for us. As a leading DFW commercial construction company, we would be happy to sit down and discuss your project with you.