Just like any other industry, there are trends that have a huge impact on every company in the commercial construction industry. Contractors need to understand these trends and take advantage of them when possible. Here are a few of the Dallas commercial construction trends that we are keeping an eye on.

Dallas Commercial Construction Trends

Flexible Spaces

According to a study by Upwork, 22% of the American population is expected to work remotely by 2025. This means that many companies are looking for smaller workspaces, or searching for ways to make their current ones more flexible. Lightweight dividers to block up unused space are becoming increasingly common as businesses develop the need to adapt their office spaces.

Easy to Clean Construction Materials

Nearly everyone has become significantly more health-conscious throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the largest Dallas commercial construction trends we have seen is the desire for easy-to-clean surfaces. Businesses are cleaning or disinfecting their workspaces constantly, so it has become more important that most surfaces are easy-to-clean. For example, the vast majority of businesses are requesting hard flooring surfaces over carpet. Wood, laminate, and tile are significantly easier to clean and disinfect than carpet. Clients also request washable wall coverings significantly more than they were before the pandemic.

Health-Conscious Commercial Construction Styles

While open floorplans are still incredibly common, many businesses are searching for ways to stop the spread of germs in their offices. So, many Dallas commercial construction companies have the challenge of creating barriers in office spaces while still giving them an open feel. One way we achieve this is by dividing the office up with frameless glass barriers. This helps stop the spread of germs but still allows the space to feel open.

Antimicrobial Commercial Construction Materials

Similar to easy-to-clean materials, many business owners are requesting antimicrobial materials. Many antimicrobial materials naturally have antibiotic, antifungal, or antiviral properties. One of the most common examples is brass and other copper alloys. Brass is commonly used in doorknobs for this exact reason. In addition to doorknobs, many Dallas commercial construction companies are using antimicrobial materials in handrails and sink knobs.

New Commerical Construction Materials

In addition to a pandemic, nearly every single industry is dealing with major supply chain issues, and commercial construction is no different. To combat material issues, commercial construction companies have found alternate materials including engineered timber, recycled materials, bendable, and self-healing concrete.

The best Dallas commercial construction companies can adapt to industry trends without skipping a beat. That is why you should trust Michael Walker Construction with your next commercial construction project. Give us a call, or send us a message for a quote.