The construction industry continues to grow, and contractors have expanded the services they offer to keep up with demands. One fast-growing construction method that contractors may offer is design-build construction. Learn more about the meaning of design-build construction and how it benefits property owners. 

Design-Build vs. Traditional Project Delivery

The traditional method for construction project delivery involves an owner hiring a designer and contractor. The designer hires their own subconsultants, while the contractor hires subcontractors to manage the various steps in the construction process. Since the owner manages individual contracts with the contractor and designer, the result may be a disconnected relationship between the two. Contractors and designers may place blame on the other for issues that come up, including changes to the schedule and costs that go over the planned budget. In some cases, the disagreements may result in costly litigation.

By contrast, a property owner who chooses the design-build construction method manages one contract, which includes design and contracting services. The designer and contractor work together from the start of the project. This allows them to offer suggestions that benefit one another and fit the owner’s needs. Design-build construction supports collaboration and problem-solving.

Hiring a Design-Build Firm

Instead of hiring an individual designer and contractor, a property owner can hire a firm that specializes in design-build construction to manage their project. This seamless construction method allows one company to handle every step in the construction process, including engineering and permitting. Since the design firm is managing the entire process from start to finish, all pricing can be negotiated to meet the needs of both parties. To begin a project, a property owner can consult with a contractor to discuss options and start creating plans and recommendations.

How Design-Build Saves Time and Money

One of the challenges that often comes up during the construction process is sticking to a budget. A designer might create stunning designs that align with their vision for the completed building. However, sometimes those elements may not fit with the owner’s budgetary constraints. Designers are experts in their field, but they don’t typically know what their ideas will cost to bring to life. The result may be a building that looks incredible but costs the owner far more than what they budgeted for the project. 

When the designer and contractor work together from the start, it’s easier for everyone to remain on the same page. The owner doesn’t have to get frustrated about designs that don’t fit into their budget, while the designer can work directly with the contractor to understand what things cost before finalizing their plans. It saves time and money while creating a more positive work atmosphere for all involved.

Design-build construction brings many advantages for property owners, designers, and contractors, as well as the subcontractors brought on to handle the work. This construction method encourages collaboration among those involved, working well for projects of all sizes and scopes. It also streamlines the process with a single point of contact, faster timelines, and lower costs. When considering options for a construction project, it’s certainly worth looking into design-build construction.