The lobby is much more than an entrance point to a building. It’s where the customer forms their first impression of a business. If you need some inspiration, consider these lobby improvement ideas.


Many businesses today are shifting toward a more modernized design. This includes clean, elegant lines and warm colors. Modern designs tend to be minimal and natural and may have a central focal point. They may include contemporary furniture and artwork designs. Certain materials, including marble walls and terrazzo floors, can also help modernize a lobby while giving it a luxury feel.


brightened lobby improvement

One minimal yet effective method of improving your lobby is to brighten it up. Brightening the lobby can make it more inviting, encouraging customers to come in and have a seat. This might include removing dark wood panels and staining rustic stairs to a lighter color. Changing darker furniture for whites and light grays can also help achieve a lighter design. High ceilings and an open floor plan with a lot of windows are other ways to brighten a lobby.


Even the smallest improvements, or in this case repairs, can make a big difference. This includes patching wall holes, fixing floor cracks, or polishing old tables. Patching and painting scratches in the paint can also refresh and renew a lobby. After repairing all necessary parts of the lobby, a deep clean of the whole area can give it the finishing touch it needs.


Lobbies that use the city or neighborhood in which they’re located for inspiration can help brands connect with customers. This includes large city murals or photographs of prominent city attractions. It might also include materials and furniture sourced from local crafters or sellers. A wall plaque that describes the business and its history can also be a great way for customers to get to know a business before interacting with it.


Lobby designs with comfort in mind can be welcoming to customers and employees. This includes numerous designated seating areas and easy-to-find bathrooms. It may also include a countertop with refreshments available to customers as they wait. Some brands can incorporate fireplaces or TVs in their lobbies to entertain customers if it makes sense.


Eco-friendly and sustainable designs are trending. Not only can eco-friendly lobbies show customers that you care about the environment, but they can also promote wellness among employees. Lobbies with indoor plants or trees give off a relaxing feel. Walls and floors made with recycled materials give the lobby a modern look. Furniture made with sustainable materials and water bottle filling stations demonstrates your commitment to helping the planet.

Show Off Artwork

The hotel lobby can also be great for showing off your work. Graphic designers may use the lobby walls to demonstrate their artistic skills. Retail businesses can show off advertising and product placement using the lobby. Even medical offices can show patients who are happier and healthier, giving customers the image that they’ve chosen the right brand.

A customer’s first impression matters. It can shape their feelings toward the business, including its personality and vision. These lobby upgrades can help you design a space that invites, welcomes, and delights your customers.