Whether you are remodeling your office or building an entirely new office space, commercial construction is a costly endeavor. That is why you must hire the right commercial construction company for the job. The sheer number of commercial construction companies out there make it very difficult to find one that not only is right for the job but that you can trust. There are a few factors you should consider before selecting a company for the job.

Commercial Construction Company Licensing

While Texas does not require general contractors to have a license, certain municipalities do require permits. One of the very first things you should do when researching contractors is ensure they have all the required licenses. Not only could working with unlicensed companies lead to potential legal issues, but it could also mean the contractor is extremely under-qualified for the task.


Working with a company without insurance could have devastating legal consequences. It is crucial, that you make sure the commercial construction company you select for your project has all the essential forms of insurance. These include

  • General Liability insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • Contractor License Bonds
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Business Vehicle and Commercial Auto Insurance

Always ask the contractor to show you proof of insurance, and then verify their insurance information. Remember, you should always be sure the insurance coverage is enough to cover any property damage or injuries that could occur on the worksite.


Make sure the contractor is someone that you are comfortable working with. While it may not seem all that important, you are going to be working with this contractor for an extended period of time. You should try to work with contractors who are friendly, responsive, hardworking, and who you generally get along with. When you are interviewing a commercial construction contractor, make sure you do not pick up on any negativity or rudeness. Any good contractor will be confident and positive.


Commercial construction projects are often massive. So, it is vital that the commercial construction company that you hire has experience working on projects of that magnitude. Before you interview contractors, go to their websites and review some of the projects they have completed in the past. It is also smart to visit some of those projects and form your own opinions based on their work. While in the interview process, ask the contractor how many years they have worked in your region and how many projects they’ve completed.


Always ask commercial construction companies for a list of references. Any honest, professional company will gladly give you a list of references. Call all their references and discuss their experiences with that company. Ask former customers about all of the items we mentioned above, and use their past experiences to help you narrow down your list of potential contractors.

Make sure you take your time when selecting a commercial construction company. You cannot rush this process so be sure your start early. If you are looking for a commercial construction company for a project in the DFW area, contact us today.